AmeriSave Mortgage rolls out lender-paid buydown product

AmeriSave Mortgage rolls out lender-paid buydown product

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In November, the Atlanta-based lender launched a new HELOC offering in response to the growing demand for the product.

“We saw a need in the market because consumers were coming to us for that demand,” AmeriSave chief economist Cameron Findlay told MPA in an interview. “So, we accommodated that. We partnered with investors in the street, and we now have a product that’s fully digital, and by all essence of the standard, I would say, a top leading contender in the marketplace for home equity lines of credit that are out there in terms of simplicity and in terms of benefit to the consumer. It really is a state-of-the-art, digital HELOC offering. More specifically, we reduce the cost to the consumer through our technology by leveraging asset valuation models. That avoids us having to place the cost of an appraisal on to the consumer as well.”

Licensed in 50 states, AmeriSave also provides financing for new home purchases and cash-out refinancing options.

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