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Generation Home has made rate reductions across its five-year product ranges and introduced new three-year products.

The lender has lowered rates by up to 42 basis points on its five-year product ranges.

New rates include five-year fixes at 70% and 75% LTV with a £999 fee down by 37 basis points to 4.52% while rates on five-year fixes at 70% LTV and 75% LTV with no fee are down by 42 basis points to 4.57%.

There are also rates on five-year fixes at 80% LTV with a £999 fee down by 28 basis points to 4.61% and five-year fixes at 80% LTV with no fee lowered by 36 bps to 4.63%.

Meanwhile, the new three-year fixes include 60% LTVs with a fee of £999 at 4.80% and 70% and 75% LTVs with a fee of £999 at 4.83%.

Also available, are 60%, 70% and 75% LTVs without a fee, priced at 4.86% and an 80% LTV with a fee of £999 at 4.89%.

This change follows the lender’s recent introduction of a new set of intermediary exclusives, including free valuations.

Gen H commercial director Pete Dockar says: “Aspiring homebuyers today may feel they’re facing a deeply uncertain economic landscape. These rate changes and introductions reflect our commitment to helping everyone find their place on the property ladder – whether they’re looking for flexibility with a three-year fixed rate or certainty and peace of mind with a competitive five-year rate.”

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