How to manage different generations

How to manage different generations

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Instead of singling out a certain cohort for special treatment, a better idea would be to educate the workforce on what all generations crave at work, according to Morency, referencing a recent campaign by Randstad to educate clients on the similarities and differences between age groups.

“The goal was not for me to really dig into: ‘Why are the millennials like this?’ it was more where they come from, what their social, historic background is… their own expectations or needs, and understand how their triggers may be different, their expectations of the workplace, what they value is different.”

Begin with an open mind when embarking on these types of learning, she said, to counteract the biases that all people have.

“When programs are built with a mindset of ‘Let’s understand these differences better so we can cater better to the talent,’ that’s where a program to me would help. If it is to reinforce some negative biases or some preconceived notions about a generation, that wouldn’t be that helpful.”

Diverse experiences

While today’s millennials make up the bulk of the workforce, said Morency, they have some very different experiences compared to older generations.

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