PLS Solicitors receives ABS license from SRA – Mortgage Finance Gazette

PLS Solicitors receives ABS license from SRA – Mortgage Finance Gazette

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The switch will allow non-lawyers to serve as owners and in senior leadership positions.

PLS Solicitors managing director Dan Hickey says: “An ABS allows us to better reflect our make-up and what makes us a modern-thinking law firm and will further unshackle the spirit of innovation that, over the past 15 years, has brought us success and helped countless customers to move into new homes and remortgage.”

Hickey explains that the freedom to attract non-legal investors and appoint a leadership team with diverse skill sets “would enable the company to react quickly to new technological and other opportunities and add further associated consultancy services and related products to its existing portfolio”.

However, Hickey highlights that the company’s ethos of being “more than just a law firm” did not mean diversification without direction.

He comments: “We have no interest in being a ‘jack of all trades’ but we do intend to continue to evolve to ensure we are the master of one, property law.”

“We have always been at the forefront of tailoring technology and introducing efficiencies that benefit our clients and are focussed on keeping homebuyers smiling by offering all we can to take the stress out of moving.”

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