How to Homeschool During the Covid-19 Pandemic

How to Homeschool During the Covid-19 Pandemic

With the threat of the Covid-19 virus on the rise, homeschooling is becoming more popular than ever before. Parents have decided to keep their children at home until the pandemic has passed, or even permanently, depending on the severity of the virus. But just because you’re keeping your kids out of school doesn’t mean that they’re not learning anything! With these five tips, your homeschooled children will stay up-to-date on their studies while keeping healthy and safe from the dangerous Covid-19 virus.

Keep a Schedule
Keeping a schedule for homeschooling is key. One way you can do this is by dividing your child’s day into specific blocks of time for different subjects, such as math, science, reading and social studies. This will help keep them on track with their lessons and keep you from feeling overworked. You can also use this strategy with homeschooling two or more children at once.

Get Organized
Home schooling during a pandemic is not for the faint of heart, and it will require organization, commitment and resilience. To give you a head start, here are five key tips for making sure your children are educated during this difficult time:
1. Establish a good routine. 2. Create an environment that fosters learning. 3. Set boundaries for your children’s safety (both physical and virtual) 4.

Set Some Ground Rules
* Create a schedule and stick to it.
* Embrace self-directed learning.
* Work with your child’s personality type and learning style.
* Participate in extracurricular activities that teach skills outside of the classroom.
* Have your child work with other students and become a mentor for younger children.

Take Breaks
Taking breaks from school, even if just for a day or two, is important for everyone. It allows students to recharge, and helps parents get some time off as well. If you are choosing to stay home during the pandemic, it can be hard to balance work with schoolwork. Here are five tips on how you can stay on top of your studies while also making sure you have time for yourself:
1. Review what your child has done so far this year 2.

Have Fun
Homeschooling has been growing in popularity over the last decade. One of the reasons parents are choosing this route is because they can tailor their curriculum to their children’s needs and interests, but also because they want to keep their children away from unwanted influences. This is why it’s important for parents who homeschool during covid-19 take some time to prepare for this pandemic before it starts.

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