The Fourah Bay College Library: From Inception to Present Moment

The Fourah Bay College Library: From Inception to Present Moment

The Fourah Bay College Library was built in the year 1951, with money from the Carnegie Corporation of New York (a philanthropic institution formed by Andrew Carnegie)and it was first opened to the public on November 27, 1954. It was then called The Fourah Bay Institute Library and as such became the largest library in the entire colony of Sierra Leone at that time. It was later renamed as the ‘Fourah Bay College Library’ when Fourah Bay College acquired it from the Fourah Bay Institute, another university in Freetown at that time.

Since 1827, the Fourah Bay College has been a pillar of education in West Africa. With a long history of success, FBC is now one of the region’s most prestigious institutions with branches across Sierra Leone. It is also one of the oldest universities in Africa.

Early History
Fourah Bay College (FBC) is a prestigious public, tertiary institution that was founded in 1827 by the Sierra Leone Company, an English trading company. The FBC library is one of the oldest libraries on the African continent. The library started out as a small room in the FBC administration building. This small room had two bookshelves, which were filled with textbooks for students and also had some fiction and non-fiction books for adults.

Recent History
Fourah Bay College was founded in 1827 by the Church Missionary Society. It was established as a seminary for training indigenous clergy to serve Africa and its diaspora. The library of Fourah Bay College was originally housed on the second floor of the administration building, which still stands today. In 1954, following an earthquake, much of the campus was destroyed and rebuilt. As part of this reconstruction project, Dr.

Fourah Bay College is not only an institute of higher learning, but it also houses a library. It has been in existence since 1827 and it has served as the hub of knowledge for the school and its students.

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